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Finer Form Adjustable Dumbbell Set (5-32.5 LBs)

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Adjustable Weights for Total Body Workouts from

Boost your home workouts with Finer Form’s adjustable dumbbells, offering 5-32.5 LB increments. A game-changer in fitness equipment for strength and tone.


Space-Saving, Versatile Weights for the Ultimate Home Gym Experience

Discover the excellence of Finer Form’s Adjustable Dumbbell Set, a quintessential addition to any home gym. This 12-in-1 set consolidates a range of adjustable weights into a single, space-efficient package.

Adjust effortlessly between 2.5 Lb increments, ranging from 5 to 32.5 Lbs, catering to both novices and seasoned athletes. Refine and calibrate your exercises just as you would in a professional gym, choosing from lighter tones for definition or heavier weights for strength. With a user-friendly twist mechanism, you can swiftly customize the weight, ensuring safety with a robust locking system.

The Finer Form Dumbbell Set stands out by replacing 12 traditional dumbbell sets. Crafted for quality, it boasts a robust build and ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip. Revolutionize your fitness routine, optimizing for tone, strength, and overall health.

Invest in this Adjustable Dumbbell Set and elevate the efficiency and versatility of your home workouts. Whether it’s refining your strength with precise 2.5 lb adjustments, or simply benefiting from its compact design, Finer Form is your perfect fitness partner.

Key Features:

  • Instant Adjustments: Adjust weights effortlessly; secure and firm after every tweak.
  • Space-Efficient: Say goodbye to bulky equipment; store it even under your couch.
  • Precision at Its Best: Hone your exercises with 2.5 lb increments, mirroring a gym’s versatility.
  • Elegance Meets Functionality: A design appealing to women desiring a potent home fitness solution.

From sculpting the legs, and defining the core, to enhancing shoulder strength, our dumbbells provide optimum resistance for an all-rounded workout.


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