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Fitness Factory Rubber Coat Hex Dumbbells 3-120 lbs.


Rubber-coat hex dumbbells from Fitness Factory. Price is subject to change.

Enhance your strength training regimen with Fitness Factory’s rubber-coat hex dumbbells. Meticulously crafted for long-lasting performance, they’re the choice of fitness enthusiasts.


Fitness Factory’s Premier Dumbbells: Rubber-Coat Hex Design for Enhanced Durability

Introducing Fitness Factory’s Rubber-Coat Hex Dumbbells, spanning from 3 to 120 lbs. These premium cast iron dumbbells boast a distinct hexagonal shape, entirely wrapped in high-quality virgin rubber. This ensures not only protection against wear and tear but also safeguards your floors and other gym equipment. Meticulously engineered for unmatched durability and performance, each dumbbell integrates a through-hole casting for a secure grip and features over-molded rubber end weights for extended longevity. And, as a symbol of pride and quality assurance, every dumbbell crafted from 2014 onwards proudly sports the renowned Body-Solid logo.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron core in a hex shape, encased in tough virgin rubber
  • Prevents rolling, protects floors, and equipment
  • Through-hole casting secures the dumbbell to handle
  • Over-molded rubber end weights for added durability
  • Dumbbells made in 2014 and beyond proudly bear the iconic Body-Solid logo.

Experience the epitome of durability, performance, and service with Body-Solid’s Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells. Your fitness journey just reached new heights.

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3 to 120 lbs.


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