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Hweryho Resistance Bands Workout Set: Ultimate Home Gym Solution


Resistance Bands Workout Set from Hweryho. Price is subject to change.

Elevate home workouts with Hweryho’s resistance bands set. Perfect for toning, yoga & physical therapy. A gym-quality experience at home!


Master home workouts with our complete resistance bands set – ideal for physical therapy, yoga, and muscle toning.

Introducing the Hweryho Resistance Bands Set, the one-stop solution for fitness enthusiasts:

  • Premium Resistance Levels: This set contains 5 distinct tube bands with varying resistance levels from 10 lbs (Yellow) to 50 lbs (Black). They can be used individually or combined to achieve resistance levels up to 150 lbs.
  • Versatile Workouts: Crafted for full-body activation, the set includes fitness loop bands of 5 different levels and a unique figure 8 resistance band. Their excellent elasticity and resilience guarantee effective stretching and workouts.
  • Comprehensive Savings: The package boasts 5 tube bands, 5 latex resistance loop bands, a figure 8 band, an exercise guide, a waterproof carry bag, two cushioned handles, a door anchor, and two ankle straps. Purchasing this comprehensive kit saves you around 40% compared to buying them individually.
  • Personalized Home Gym: Integrate this set effortlessly into any workout routine, including Yoga, Pilates, and more. Adjust your workouts with these bands to target various muscle groups, from the glutes and legs to the chest and arms.
  • Ideal Gift Choice: Suitable for fitness beginners and seasoned professionals. Quality is our priority, and all bands undergo rigorous testing before dispatch. Should there be any issues, our team will address them promptly.

Included in the Set:

  • 5 Premium Latex Bands
  • 2 Cushioned Handles (Sweatproof & Skidproof)
  • 2 Adjustable Ankle Straps
  • 1 Sturdy Door Anchor
  • 1 Waterproof Carrying Bag
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Why Choose Our Resistance Bands?

  1. Portability: Compact and lightweight, carry them everywhere— from the office to vacations.
  2. Enhanced Coordination: Continuous tension boosts stability, balance, and muscle engagement.
  3. Diverse Exercises: The bands’ flexibility offers various exercise options, unlike traditional weights.
  4. Cost-Effective: A budget-friendly fitness solution without compromising on quality.
  5. Suitable for All: Adaptable to various fitness levels, from novices to experts.

Distinguishing Features:

Our bands are crafted from natural, odor-free latex, ensuring durability and user comfort. The double-layered fabric lock ensures safety and durability, reducing injury risk. Each band is marked with its resistance weight, simplifying your workout choices. The set also comes with a free E-guide, helping you navigate through effective exercises seamlessly.

Safety Advisory:

For your safety, inspect your Resistance Band regularly for signs of wear and tear. Always replace damaged bands to avoid injuries. Ensure you check your inbox for the E-Guide upon purchase. If not received, please contact our support team.


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