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SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 – Fitness Smartwatch

Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $169.99.

Optimize Your Fitness with SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4. Price is subject to change.

Amplify your fitness game with the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4. Track health, monitor sleep, and stay connected. Crush your wellness goals today!


Enhance Your Fitness Journey with SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 – Track Health, Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker, and More!

Maximize Your Fitness Potential with the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 Smartwatch

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking to take your health and wellness to the next level? Look no further than the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Smartwatch. With advanced features designed to empower your fitness journey, this smartwatch is your ultimate companion for staying active and healthy.

Body Composition Analysis: Your Health at Your Fingertips

Revolutionizing the way you track your health, the Galaxy Watch 4 is the first smartwatch to offer body composition data right on your wrist. Now, you can conveniently monitor body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, basal metabolic rate, and Body Mass Index whenever and wherever you want. Take charge of your fitness with real-time insights.

Better Sleep Starts Here

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and recharged every morning. With advanced sleep tracking and continuous SpO2 level monitoring, the Galaxy Watch 4 ensures you get the quality sleep you deserve. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to rejuvenated mornings.

Be Smart About Your Heart

Your heart’s health matters and the Galaxy Watch 4 takes care of it with accurate ECG monitoring. Keep an eye on possible atrial fibrillation, a common form of irregular heart rhythm. Share personalized readings with your doctor using the Samsung Health Monitor app on your compatible Galaxy phone. Your heart deserves the best, and now you can provide it.

Make Every Workout Count

Getting the most out of your workouts has never been easier. The Galaxy Watch 4 features advanced workout tracking that automatically recognizes six popular activities, from running to rowing to swimming, all in just three minutes. Stay motivated by connecting to live coaching sessions via your smartphone or engaging in dynamic Group Challenges with your friends. Every sweat session counts.

Go the Extra Mile

Boost your runs with advanced running coaching technology. VO2 Max readings assess your oxygen levels, helping you manage and track your heart and lung endurance. Push your limits and achieve new milestones with confidence.

Extension of Your Phone

Experience the convenience of having essential phone features right on your wrist. Stay connected to calls, texts, notifications, and music streaming, all accessible with a simple tap. Never miss a beat even when you’re on the move.

Google on Your Wrist

Tap into the power and convenience of selecting Google services and apps directly from your wrist. Pay for your coffee, get directions to the park, and use Bixby or Google Assistant for help on almost any topic. Plus, stream your favorite tunes on YouTube for the perfect workout soundtrack.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your fitness journey with the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 Smartwatch. It’s time to take control of your health and fitness like never before.

Product Specifications:

  • Display: 40mm AMOLED
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Supported Applications: Fitness Tracker, GPS, Sleep Monitor
  • ECG Monitoring: Yes
  • SpO2 Monitoring: Yes
  • Workout Recognition: 6 popular activities
  • VO2 Max Readings: Yes
  • Phone Integration: Calls, texts, notifications, music streaming
  • Google Services: Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube


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