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Contraband Black Label Home Gym Lifting Gloves: Pink Label 5277 Women’s Design Series Zebra Print

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Contraband Pink Label 5277 Women’s Design Series Zebra Print Lifting and Rowing Gloves from Contraband Black Label. Price is subject to change.

Boost your home gym sessions with Contraband’s vegan, zebra-print lifting gloves. Enhanced grip, unparalleled style!


Elevate Your Home Gym Sessions

Supercharge your workout experience with the Contraband Black Label Home Gym Lifting Gloves. These vegan gloves, with their eye-catching zebra print design, are not just about style. The medium GripLock Padding promises a non-slip grip, making your lifting and rowing more efficient. Whether you’re a beginner in fitness or a gym enthusiast, these gloves are tailored to enhance every movement.

Experience Ultimate Comfort

Crafted with synthetic Amara leather, these gloves offer unparalleled softness, complemented by a breathable lycra top. Say goodbye to the discomfort of trapped heat and sweaty palms. Whether it’s weightlifting, rowing, or any home gym activity, these gloves ensure your comfort from start to finish.

Quick Glove Removal – A Game Changer

We understand the post-workout struggles, especially when it comes to removing gloves. With our innovative design featuring Amara Leather tabs, you can effortlessly slide these gloves off, even if you sport long nails. A feature especially loved by women’s rowing gloves enthusiasts.

Simple Yet Effective Maintenance

We value your time. That’s why these gloves are designed to be machine-wash-friendly without the hassle of dye bleeding. Just toss them in with your regular laundry (preferably in a nylon mesh bag) and air dry. They’ll be fresh and ready for your next session.

Trust in Contraband Black Label

Your satisfaction is our priority. With a 30-day full refund guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty, rest assured you’re investing in quality and durability.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Vegan microfiber Amara leather palm integrated with silicone rubber and a lightweight breathable lycra top – making it a top choice for those searching for vegan lifting gloves.
  • Padding: Medium GripLock for that superior grip – a dream come true for those who’ve had their fair share of grip issues during workouts.
  • Removal: Quick removal finger tabs – a unique feature for those always on the go.
  • Washability: Ensuring long-term use with machine washability that promises zero dye bleed.
  • Warranty: Our confidence in our product is reflected in our 30-day full refund policy and the 1-year full replacement guarantee.

Shop with Confidence

Your dream home gym experience awaits. Click here and elevate your workouts today!


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