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FEIERDUN Adjustable Weights: 4-in-1 Home Gym Set | 90lbs Max


Adjustable Weights from Fitness Brand, FEIERDUN. Price is subject to change.

Explore FEIERDUN’s 4-in-1 adjustable weights. Transform your workouts with adjustable dumbbells, barbell, kettlebell, and push-up stand. A home gym game-changer.


Dumbbells, Barbell, Kettlebells, and Push-up Stand – Complete Fitness Solution

Experience the pinnacle of weight training flexibility with FEIERDUN’s adjustable weights set – a true game-changer for home gym enthusiasts. Seamlessly switch between adjustable dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and push-up stands to optimize your workouts.


  1. Multi-Functional Design: For those dedicated to fitness, these weights effortlessly transform into dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and even function as a push-up stand.
  2. Customize Your Workout: With the adjustable dumbbells, choose a weight ranging from 8 lbs to 45 lbs. Kettlebells offer 5 lbs to 29.5 lbs, and barbells from 10 lbs up to 91 lbs.
  3. High-Quality Construction: With a rugged PE exterior and an inner blend of iron, mud, and sand, these dumbbells endure rigorous workouts and protect your flooring.
  4. Enhanced Grip & Safety: Non-slip ABS dumbbell bars assure a safe workout, and the addition of safety nuts boost stability, eliminating any shift during exercises.
  5. Comfort-Driven Design: A cushioned dense foam layer on the barbell rod guarantees a comfortable grip, reducing strain during your sessions.
  6. Responsive Brand Support: FEIERDUN prioritizes performance and durability, standing firmly behind the quality of its offerings.


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