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Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Ropes


Hyper Rope Battle Ropes by Hyperwear. Price is subject to change.

Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Ropes: an award-winning innovation merging Battle Ropes and fitness ropes. Essential for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Ropes for Your Home Gym Experience

The Power of Compact Fitness Ropes

Are you tired of dealing with large and bulky battle ropes that require an anchor and extensive space? Say goodbye to those limitations. With the Hyper Rope Battle Ropes, you can enjoy all the benefits of traditional battle rope workouts in a space as small as 6 feet – no anchor required. This patented weighted rope innovation allows you to exercise freely, bringing the gym experience to your home.

Premium Quality, Unmatched Performance

The Hyper Rope is not like the average fitness ropes. It features a flexible metal core surrounded by a premium braided 100% polyester construction. This design compresses the weight of standard battle ropes, creating a short, responsive, and dense rope that hovers above the floor. You’ll experience a challenging home gym workout with less space and minimal impact on your floors. Plus, the Hyper Rope is proudly manufactured in the USA and Canada, ensuring top-notch quality.

Endless Exercise Possibilities for your Home Gym Workouts

Hyper Rope Battle Ropes open up a world of exercise opportunities beyond traditional rope training. Build muscle, burn fat, and develop core strength with a vast array of exercises, including traditional battle rope wave exercises. Partner-friendly moves take group rope training to a new level, making home gym workouts both fun and challenging.

Compact, Portable, and Quiet

The Hyper Rope coils neatly for travel or storage, making it an ideal addition to your home gym or fitness studio. Its compact design is perfect for efficient group sessions, indoors or outdoors, even in spaces without anchor points. Plus, it’s quieter than full-length heavy ropes and requires no expensive nylon cover, as 100% polyester construction doesn’t shed fibers.

Award-Winning Innovation

Men’s Health has recognized the Hyper Rope as the “Best Home Gym Battle Rope” and “Best Cardio Tool” in both 2022 and 2023 Home Gym Awards. Experience the difference that award-winning fitness equipment can make in your home gym workout routine.

Hyper Rope Battle Rope Specifications

Standard Model: 15 lbs, approximately 20 ft long
ELITE Model: 19 lbs, approximately 25 ft long
Weighted flexible metal core
Premium braided 100% polyester construction
Designed for indoor and outdoor use
One-year warranty with free strength ropes training content
Color-coded handles for easy identification


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