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Hyperwear Softbell Cardio Barbell Weight Set


Hyperwear Softbell Cardio Barbell Weight Set. Price is subject to change.

Hyperwear Softbell Cardio Barbell Weight Set Home Gym Essentials – Boost up your home gym experience with this Adjustable Barbell Weight Set.


Hyperwear Softbell Cardio Barbell Weight Set Home Gym Essentials

Safer and Smarter Cardio Barbell

Say goodbye to clunky, noisy, and floor-damaging barbell systems. The Cardio Barbell Weight Set is designed with your fitness journey in mind:

Soft Weights, Strong Performance

Our soft neoprene weight plates protect your floors and offer a unique active live weight experience. You’ll feel the difference with every rep, knowing your surroundings are safe from harm.

Adjustable Weights Freedom

Start with a manageable 6lbs and work your way up to a challenging 36lbs. With three pairs of soft sand weight plates (3, 4.5, and 10 lbs), you have the flexibility to customize your workout intensity.

Expandable Versatility

Looking to push your limits further? Simply add more weight plates to your collection. The SoftBell Cardio Barbell is fully compatible with SoftBell DumbBell and KettleBell Handles, giving you a complete free weight set.

What’s in the Box?

The Hyperwear Softbell Cardio Barbell Weight Set includes everything you need to transform your fitness regimen:

  • A pair of soft neoprene weight plates in 3, 4.5, and 10 lbs.
  • A 6lb SoftBell barbell handle with two long bolts for full adjustability.

Elevate your cardio workouts from 6lbs to 35lbs by pairing weight plates at each end. Boost your cardio strength workouts with additional SoftBell weight plates (not included). Each barbell can hold two plates at each end, reaching a maximum capacity of 46 lbs when you purchase two additional 10lb plates.

Safety First

Innovative disc design and sand-filled plates ensure safety for all ages and surfaces. Don’t compromise on quality, safety, or results – elevate your fitness game with the SoftBell Cardio Barbell today!

Minimal Noise: Say goodbye to loud and clunky metal weights; our soft plates keep noise to a minimum.
Protect Your Space: Workout in peace without worrying about damaging your floors or disturbing your neighbors.

Hyperwear Softbell Cardio Barbell Weight Set Specifications

  • Soft weight plates for floor protection
  • Shifting sand for active live weight
  • Noise-free weight plate
  • Includes 3 pairs of soft sand weight plates: 3, 4.5, and 10 lbs
  • Adjustable weights from 6 to 36lbs, expandable to 46 lbs
  • Compatible with SoftBell DumbBell and KettleBell Handles

Join the fitness revolution and bring the cardio barbell club experience right to your home gym. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, athlete, or just starting your fitness journey, the hyperwear SOFTBELL CARDIO BARBELL WEIGHT SET is your ticket to a safer, more effective workout.


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